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It’s a brave new world – after Covid-19 made Zoom experts out of many of us, there continues to be a huge demand for hybrid meetings and events – sessions that work both online and offline. With hybrid working and events becoming a permanent fixture in our lives, what are the key considerations for making hybrid events a success?

Be clear on your goals. What are you trying to achieve with creating a hybrid event? How will making an event hybrid affect attendance and participation? Think carefully how you will measure the success of your new event, with audiences experiencing the event differently depending on whether they join in person or remotely.

How interactive does the event need to be? It’s tempting to make the event super interactive for those joining remotely, to ensure participation – but this may not be necessary, depending on the nature of the event. Consider how the online world meets the offline world.

Make every element of the event hybrid. Providing the opportunity for delegates to join online is great, but sometimes this is not enough. If you’re hosting a panel event, bringing one member of the panel into the discussion remotely goes some way to ensure a truly hybrid experience. And the benefit is that allowing panellists or speakers to join remotely really widens your talent pool!

Online participation isn’t an add on. Design an event that incorporates online participation from the beginning – just offering people the opportunity to join an in person event remotely will leave online participants disengaged.

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