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If you’re job seeking, chances are you’ve been told that it’s important to tailor your CV to each job application. But how can you actually do that? What makes for effective tailoring when it comes to your CV? Take a look at our top tips.

Don’t forget the basics. The point of tailoring your CV is to draw out and highlight specific skills and experiences you have according to the needs of the job you’re applying for. It takes a little more work and you might find you have more than one CV depending on your skillsets, but the extra effort will be worthwhile.

Do your research. Learn more about the organisation you’re applying for, including the culture. Use this information as well as the requirements provided in the job description to highlight the experiences and skills you have that most match.

Prioritise! When listing or detailing your skills and experiences, prioritise the ones most relevant to the job application in question.

Be yourself only! In tailoring your CV you should only include a truthful account of your skills and experiences – Don’t tailor your CV to a role by including skills and experiences you don’t have.

Although it’s a little more work, tailoring your CV really works – Good luck!

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