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Sunday Night. If you work Monday to Friday, chances are you’re not a fan of Sunday night. So how can you make sure you shake off those blues and start work on Monday feeling motivated and ready to work?

Make it a Friday to remember! Use your Friday afternoons to finish up as many tasks as possible, so you don’t have anything looming over you during the weekend, waiting for you on Monday morning. Answer and organise your emails so you can start afresh on Monday!

Reflect on your week. Think about everything you’ve achieved in the week, and the goals you’ve accomplished. It’ll cheer you up no end!

Make a plan. Writing down your goals for the week ahead will certainly improve your wellbeing. By planning your time you’ll have a clear path for moving forward when you get into work on Monday.

Make the most of your free time! Having good plans and things to look forward to will make you feel as if you’ve spent your weekend well – and you’ll feel ready to return to work on Monday morning!

And if nothing works, maybe it’s time to look for a new job?

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