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Customer reviews and word of mouth are like gold dust for any business – and the internet gives everyone an opportunity to research your organisation. So make online work for you and get great customer reviews – here’s our top tips to get you started.

Ask! It may seem obvious but so many organisations don’t do it – make sure you regularly ask for reviews from your customers, and make sure you provide a range of platforms for them to leave reviews on – Whilst some people prefer Good Reviews, others will live by Amazon.

Give space on your website for reviews. Make it easy for people to leave comments on your website and include a reviews or testimonials page on your site – it will make all the difference!

Make it worth their while! Incentivising review giving is a great way to boost your reviews – whether it be by offering a small discount or giveaway, incentivising people to take the time to review your product and business will get you far.

It’s all about the timing. Knowing when to ask for a review matters. Time the ask at the end of a purchase or after a service has been given for maximum impact.

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