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Refer a company

Alongside our successful refer a friend scheme FS1 also offers a company recommendation scheme – refer another organisation to FS1 and recommend our services and you and your contact could both be entitled to a 20% discount on your next placement with us!

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • The ‘Referral Company’ must register the ‘Referred Company’ by sending an email with their contact details to:
  • FS1 Recruitment confirms in writing, acceptance of the ‘Referred Company’ onto the scheme.
  • Where the same ‘Referred Company’ is introduced by more than one person or organisation, only the first application received will qualify for the discount.
  • FS1 Recruitment will have successfully placed with the ‘Referred Company’ within six months of the date of the registration.
  • A ‘Referred Company’ is an organisation that FS1 has had no dealings with in the last 12 months from the date of the referral