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There are many channels when it comes to marketing, with offline (traditional) and online (digital) channels both having pros and cons. But which is best? And why? What are the benefits and considerations to digital and traditional marketing methods?

Traditional marketing methods are tried and tested, and trusted by many consumers. Traditional channels of marketing usually make it easier to target a local audience, by using local radio or direct mail. Consumers like flyers or brochures to refer to as a well-known, trusted communication tool.  However, using only traditional marketing methods has its downsides; most traditional marketing is very broadcast, rather than interactive, and it can be pretty costly.

Digital marketing methods and channels continue to grow. By going online you can reach audiences locally and internationally easily, and give consumers different options to engage with your brand. Also, digital provides a platform for a two way conversation with your customers, and it’s certainly cost-effective. But audiences can sometimes be less trusting of digital only brands, with the internet providing an accessible platform for scammers.

So, what’s the answer? Do both! A strong marketing strategy utilises digital and traditional methods of communication to reach a wider audience.

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