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2020 continues to be a year like no other for many of us, and with a new lockdown announced in England for the duration of November we’re all staying at home as much as possible. COVID has affected so many events, and the latest in the line is Black Friday, a big moment for many marketers in the calendar. What should we expect this year for Black Friday?

Stay at home! Non-essential shops are closed, so most Black Friday deals will be done online. Stay safe, stay at home and surf the internet for great deals this Black Friday for maximum impact.

Maybe not just Black Friday? For those shops still open who usually partake in Black Friday events, it’s expected that rather than being just one day of sales shoppers will have opportunities to bag a great deal in events across multiple days – hopefully avoiding lengthy and dangerous queues.

Expect shipping delays. With more deals online than before, it could be that your order is delayed in delivery – it’s good to try and factor in a delay when you’re making a purchase, just in case.

Stay safe online! With more of us shopping online, there will be scammers ready to make a quick buck – when buying online, try to buy from trusted and well known brands, check the URL looks like it should and don’t use public wi-fi channels to make purchases, as these can be easily hacked.

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