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The hard bit is all over! You’ve finally secured a brand-new job, after all the applications and interviews. But then you’re suddenly hit with first day nerves! We all get it, and in this new remote working world we’re in it can feel even weirder. Here’s our top tips for overcoming first day nerves!

Go over the details. In all the newness, it can be easy to forget the details of your new role. Go over the job description and the organisation profile, so you can feel slightly more confident that you know what you’re doing!

You’re only new for now. You won’t always be the new person – chances are someone else will start with the organisation and you’ll soon just feel part of the furniture.

Remind yourself you don’t know everything. No one expects you to know everything on your first day, and working remotely can make that more challenging. Ask questions and take notes, show you’re interested and try to contribute, but don’t feel obliged to immediately.

Be yourself! That’s the best advice we can give – you impressed the organisation during the interview, so just try to be yourself!

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