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Being told you’re at risk of redundancy can be stressful but it’s important that you prepare for what’s ahead. Take a look at our top tips.

Consider your CV. Make sure you know your CV back to front. Take some time to research current market trends, and maybe take advice from agencies such as Flexistaff on the state of the market and how you can make your CV stand out.

What are your ambitions? Take time to consider how you want your career to develop so should you need to start job searching quickly you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Make contact with your network. Now’s the time to reach out to your contacts to see if there are any opportunities on the horizon.

Don’t say no to interviews. Interviews are a two way process; you don’t have to take the first job offer you get, and it’s all good experience!

It can be challenging, but by being prepared and planning your next steps should you face redundancy you will find many more options open and available to you. FS1 is here to help.

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