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A logo is a key component to any organisation – and making sure you’ve thought long and hard about the shape of your logo may seem unnecessary but is hugely important! A strong shape can make your brand instantly recognisable – here’s why and how.

Think about the subconscious mind. Certain shapes trigger emotions and by considering how the mind reacts to certain shapes you can be sure your logo conveys the message you want to bring to your customers very efficiently. For example, circle shapes evoke positive emotions, whereas straight edged logos tend to convey stability.

Think about how shape interacts with other elements. Shape is important, but only when it works with all the other elements of the logo, such as typeface and colour. Think about how colours evoke emotions, and compliment with your chosen shapes.

Keep it simple. It can be very easy to over-complicate a logo. An easy way to test a logo’s simplicity is to strip it back to its bare bones – is the logo still recognisable? If so, you could be on to a winner.

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