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There are countless reasons as to why there might be a gap in your employment on your CV, but it’s important you address a gap head on with any potential employer. Here’s how.

Always be honest. Depending on the situation depends on how much information you need to provide, but honesty is always the best policy, if you have to declare a gap in your employment.

Tailor your CV. Was the gap in your employment more than 10 years ago? Typically only your last 10 years of experience are relevant when job searching, so if the gap in your employment was many years ago, it may no longer be relevant to include on your CV.

Positivity is key. Make gaps in your CV a positive thing – If you find yourself out of work for a short period, use the time to take courses or assess your career path. Using the time wisely will be beneficial to you in the long run.

Be ready for questions. If you secure an interview, be prepared to answer questions about a gap in your CV, and find a positive way to address it.

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