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PR and communications continue to dominate corporate strategy and being at the forefront of the latest PR and communications trends is super important for any business to survive. So what are the top PR and comms trends for businesses to be aware of in 2023?

Embrace technology. AI and other technological advances are changing the face of PR and communications forever, and it’s important that we embrace these changes. AI can revolutionise the workload of PR professionals and bring an end to many of the manual elements of the job that just aren’t necessary anymore – meaning PR pros can get on with exactly what they are good at.

You’ve got to care. It’s no longer OK for a business to just simply signal at corporate responsibility – consumers expect businesses to play an active role in it. Social responsibility should be a the centre of everything you do when it comes to PR and comms.

Let’s get Digital. The lines between PR, comms and digital marketing are becoming ever more blurred and it’s so important to embrace all elements of digital PR as well as more traditional communications methods.

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