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We all know equality is important in today’s society – but why does it matter in the workplace? We spend a lot of our time working and as such it’s vital that our working environment reflects our community – equal and diverse. But why is it so important and what can we do to encourage equality and diversity?

Equality is about ensuring everyone has an opportunity to make the most of their lives and showcase their talents. It’s also about making sure than anyone regardless of their upbringing and circumstances of their birth can achieve their full potential.

The Equality Act of 2010 stops any and all employers from discriminating against anyone in the workplace. HR plays a vital role in making sure the act is well enforced in all work environments.

Equality is important because we want our working environments to reflect the diverse community we live in and provide opportunities for people from all backgrounds to thrive. Organisations should make sure that diversity and inclusion are top priorities and should foster a culture of openness and transparency to ensure anyone who has concerns can speak out.

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