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What does your future career look like? Do you want to go to university? For many students after finishing school that feels like the natural next step. But many students will quite rightly decide university is not for them – so what next? Here’s some options available to you:

Entry level roles. Where do you get the experience if you’ve never had a job, right? Luckily many employers do offer entry level roles that don’t require any previous experience, and may even offer training.

Find an alternative way to learn. Many young people ready to leave full time education aged 18 but still want to widen their options. Opportunities such as internships or apprenticeships offer young people the chance to continue learning whilst gaining practical experience in the workplace. There’s countless of options out there, so do your research!

Not ready to work just yet? If you’re still thinking about what you’d like to do long term, you could use your free time to do some volunteering for a cause you are passionate about, or go travelling if safe to do so – You could even take on temporary work whilst pursuing your interests and add some incredible and unique experiences to your CV!

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