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The purpose of a CV is to detail your skills and experiences to a potential new employer, however, giving more information about your character and interests can also better your chances of securing an interview if done correctly. So how can you effectively add a little extra to your CV?

Are you sporty? Being part of a sports team shows you work well with other people and have real commitment and dedication.

Is music and theatre your thing? Perhaps you’re a bit of a thespian in your spare time – if so, this kind of interest demonstrates your confidence and creativity, which are both great qualities to a new employer.

Are you a volunteer? Volunteering and fundraising in your spare time for a good cause shows your passion and commitment to both yourself and others.

Are you speaking my language? The dedication you’ve taken to learning a new language will stand out to employers.

It’s clear your extra – curricular activities can make all the difference to your job search – so stand out from the crowd and show off your extra skillsets!

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