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PR, like much of the world, has had to adapt in the face of COVID and a changing world. What should PR professionals expect when it comes to press and public to ensure they’re at the top of their game?

We’re back! In person! The demand for in person meetings and events is soaring, as people want to get back conversation face to face. Yes, they’ll always ben some scenarios where that won’t be possible and Zoom will still be a feature in interviews and meetings, but expect more demand for face to face interactions in the coming year.

It’s all about quality. Long gone are the days where a press release could be blasted out by email to as many journalists as possible; to truly reach your audience you’ll need to build relationships with key stakeholders and think about the right people to speak with to promote your organisation.

Morality remains a top priority. Consumers continue to seek to do business with organisations with a clear moral compass – You must make sure your commitment to these values is clear when communicating.

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