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Throughout our careers we’re always learning – whether that’s through extra training or study. But in today’s busy working environment it can be hard to prioritise or focus on training, despite the fact that extra learning can enhance our performance and further our career. So how can you maintain focus next time you’re in training?

Get a good night’s sleep! Make sure you are well rested the day before your study, so you can be alert during your sessions. A good night’s sleep will ensure you can concentrate fully.

Get rid of all distractions! Mobile phones are an awful distraction in all walks of our everyday lives today – put your phone away during your training!

Take proper breaks. During your training you will have the time to take breaks – but make sure you take them properly. Go for a short walk and get some fresh air, have a snack, and you’ll find yourself much more prepared to continue your course.

Eat well. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast – by making sure you’re well fuelled for the day you’ll find it much easier to concentrate on your study

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