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Job seeking can be a challenging business and everyone goes about it in their own way. But what sort of jobseeker are you, and what can you do to ensure you maximise your assets to secure your dream job?

Sending your CV here, there and everywhere? Chances are the more CVs your send, the more likely you are to secure an interview – but it can be a long and laborious process. Instead, try tailoring your CV to each opportunity – waste less time and get more results!

Changing careers? Looking to climb a different ladder can be challenging, so prepare for a longer job seeking process. Use your CV to demonstrate your transferrable skills.

Have you been a bit of a job hopper? You could try to use it to your advantage; for example, people who have had lots of jobs bring lots of diverse experiences to a role. However, it’s worth thinking about why you’ve had lots of jobs in quick succession and if so have a rethink about the sort of career path you’d like to take.

Are you looking for your first job? If you’re looking to land your first role, use a cover letter or portfolio to demonstrate your skills more clearly.

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