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It’s a competitive market out there and establishing a new brand can be challenging. But don’t lose hope! Just by following a few easy principles you can be sure to make sure your brand is well and truly established. Here’s how.

It all starts with a name. Make it catchy and consider if it can have any accidental negative connotations. Research the market and your proposed name to ensure you don’t break any trademarks or create any confusion.

How are you going to communicate? Your brand tone is incredibly important, as it goes a long way to communicating what sort of organisational values you hold.

What does it look like? Your visual identity is key to your brand. Consider what fonts, shapes and colours you use and how they contribute to the image you are trying to put across to customers about your company.

Keep monitoring. Set up a monitoring system so you can track your brand recognition and position. If changes need to be made quickly a monitoring system will make acting quickly much easier.

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