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The job interview is the final step to success when applying for a new job and your performance in just a short space of time with a potential employer makes all the difference. But it’s easy for job seekers to make fundamental mistakes when working hard to secure their dream job – so what are interviewee weaknesses, and how can they be combatted?

No room for improvement? Don’t sell yourself as the “full package” – employers want people who are want to continue to learn and are flexible and ready to adapt to change. Be proud of your achievements in your career, but make it clear you’re still looking for development.

What’s your weakness? One of the questions job seekers dread, sure – but don’t answer it by saying you’re a perfectionist, because no one is. The best way to prepare for this question is to think about your weaknesses and equally how you are addressing it.

Don’t forget the human touch. Being over prepared can have a negative impact on your interview, especially if you use rehearsed questions to answers or memorise the company website word for word. Employers want a two-way conversation and want to see your personality and your individuality.

Are you a “Yes Man”? Saying Yes to everything may seem like the path to success, but not necessarily. If you have gaps in your knowledge, say so, be honest, because in the long run employers will have more respect for your application.

Share the right things. OK, so employers want to see your personality, but that doesn’t mean you should share your personal life. Keep things positive and professional at all times.

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