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The power of websites is unparalleled and these days, any organisation without a website is frankly less trusted by consumers. As a key tool for authenticating your brand and providing your customers with vital product and service information, it’s important to make sure you get your website right. Here’s how.

Start with your customer. Your website design must have your customer at the heart of your design – provide information that is useful and important and consider the purpose of your website in the context of what your customer needs to know, first and foremost.

Keep it simple! Trends today lean towards simple, clean designs with minimal (but important) information. And content is key – make it varied, personable and authentic. High resolution images and video content will without a doubt make your website stand out.

Think about the navigation. The way your customer uses your site is very important – anything too complicated or confusing will result in customers deciding it’s too much trouble to continue!

Make it responsive. More of us now browse the internet using phones and tablets these days, so make sure your site is responsive to different mediums.

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