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It’s almost here (finally)! 2021 is just around the corner – and let’s hope it’s a bit more “normal” compared to 2020! Are you thinking about what your marketing strategy might look like in 2021? Here’s what 2021 could look like when it comes to marketing…

The customer comes first. May seem pretty obvious, but organisations must put the customer at the centre of everything they do to have an impact. Using digital channels to facilitate a two way conversation with customers and hearing what they are actually saying is going to be really important.

Being progressive is key. Consumers are becoming increasingly more conscientious when they shop, wanting to buy from progressive and sustainable organisations. Brands need to show their commitment to positive causes that consumers care about.

Connections matter. Campaigns that speak to consumers directly, letting empathy drive their content, will be successful in 2021. More than ever, especially after 2021, customers want to feel a connection with the brands they are buying from.

It’s got to be authentic. Real stories of real people will without a doubt have an impact in 2021 – Brands have got to show they are authentic if they want success.

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