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Congratulations! You got the job. The job you have been dreaming about, the next step in your career, a whole new change in your career path or that promotion you have worked so hard for.

Now that you have celebrated your achievement, it’s time to tell your current employer. FS1 Recruitment understands how hard it is to hand in your notice. Your employer should be over the moon for you but gutted that such a great asset is leaving the team/ company.

The first stage of handing in your notice is writing a formal letter. Leaving your job on good terms is something FS1 Recruitment highly recommends. A resignation letter is required to give to your employer, and we recommend following Glassdoors tips on ‘How to Write a Resignation Letter’.

That’s the hard part over, resignation letter is handed in, you are clearing your desk during your notice period and your boss calls you into his office and catches you off guard by making a counteroffer. FS1 Recruitment recommends that at this point, flattered as may be by your employer’s sudden and belated recognition of your worth, you should take a deep breath and remind yourself of why you wanted to leave in the first place and consider the following:

  • What are the pros and cons of both positions offered to me?
  • Why couldn’t they offer me this months ago?
  • Were they really planning on promoting me/giving me a pay rise?
  • Am I really happy here?


Whilst there has been no hard statistics, as a Recruitment agency we have seen many candidates accepting a counteroffer and then coming back to us in 6 to 12 months. Most admit that they made a mistake going for the “easy option” of staying with their existing employer and should have focused on the longer term.

The counteroffer may make you feel good and it may be right for you but don’t accept it as the easy option without thinking it through first.

At FS1 recruitment we are happy to talk it through with you before you make your decision, contact us on 01908 787560 or email