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At the end of May, FS1 Recruitment attended Cygnus’ first #CuriousMK event where we were educated on the Growth and future of Milton Keynes. It was inspiring to hear about our city and really opened our eyes to how different companies are taking part in making our city greater.

With events like these popping up all the time, we thought it would be helpful to put together a guide for making the most of networking.

Do your research

There’s nothing worse than walking into a room alone with no idea what’s about to happen and the type of people you are about to be introduced to. Once you’ve enrolled into the network, have a look at the event. Think: why am I going to this event? What type of businesses/people are going to be there? Is there anyone I know going to this networking event? This will make it easier to build rapport with people before spamming them with business cards.

The dreaded introduction

Find it hard to make the first move? You’re not the only one. Lots of people will be tempted to hold back in introducing themselves too, in fear that they’re not talking to the right person. The first conversation in a networking event is often receiving your badge (and, sometimes, freebies) whilst introducing yourselves to the event organisers/host. They will often point you to the right person or even introduce you to others themselves. Social media may be one of the biggest connection platforms but putting a face to a name is even better. Don’t be afraid.

Business cards, business cards and more business cards

“Please remember my business and who I am.” This is essentially what you’re saying when you hand out a business card. That’s why the best way to be remembered at a networking event, (once you have built a rapport with that person) is to give them a business card. When said person wakes up in the morning (maybe hungover from the free bar or drained after meeting loads of new clients) they will see your card and be more intrigued to send you a message or give you a call.


Ask questions and take notes


Do you have a networking event to share or are you looking to grow your network? Let us know at