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In case you’ve missed it, we’re well into the World Cup in Qatar this year. England have made it to the top 16 and everyone’s getting excited. Even in the workplace! Here’s how to make the most of the World Cup whilst you’re at work.

Embrace it! Even if you’re not a massive football fan, get involved in the office sweepstake and take pride in your patriotism! It’s only once every 4 years! Although maybe avoid the full kit at work…

Get the team together for the match. Watching games after work together is a great way for your team to bond and feel motivated. And it’s probably slightly less obstructive than brining a football into the work place.

Consider cautious optimism. Yes, it could be England’s year. It could be our time, after waiting for so long. But be cautious. And don’t tell everyone constantly in the office that it’s coming home…

Enjoy World Cup 2022 and COME ON ENGLAND!

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