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It’s the most wonderful time of year! Most of the major brands have now released their Christmas advert offering this year, and we weren’t disappointed! But what is it that makes a great Christmas ad that pulls at the heartstrings and draws consumers in?

Start with the soundtrack. Most of the most popular Christmas ads have hugely recognisable soundtracks, usually older songs with a modern twist, sang by a popular and current artist. These soundtracks unite audiences and make the whole thing much more memorable.

It’s all in the tale. The best Christmas ads tell us a story – it might be a story we’ve heard many times before, but sometimes that’s even better! Stories told through the eyes of children – echoing the magic of Christmas – often perform pretty well. Stories that include cultural Christmas references that make us chuckle or cry build a connection with consumers too.

Don’t forget the cause. Consumers are more conscious than ever about shopping with brands that are outward facing and giving a bit back – brands that partner with worthy causes at this time of year are more respected and trusted.

What’s your favourite Christmas ad this year?

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