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We hear it all the time – Content is King. Great content continues to play a pivotal role in marketing both online and offline – but what makes great content? Here’s our top tips.

Make it original. There’s no point copying what everyone else is doing – yes, you should consider how other brands use content for promotion, but you’ve got to make your content original and authentic to your brand and organisation.

Make it useful. Good content always gives audiences something, whether it be advice or directions. Great content doesn’t only give something useful to your audience, it also answers questions.

Make it diverse. People use and interact with content in different ways – so use a variety of mediums to communicate. Text, images, infographics, videos – all have a place in a multi layered content strategy.

Make it to the point. Short, sharp and to the point content is what people want. Get rid of the fluff and give your audience what they want!

Don’t forget the killer headline. With so much content out there, a headline that will stand out from the crowd is vital to getting your audience’s attention.

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