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Social media continues to be a vital way for companies and organisations to engage with their customers. But how can you make sure your social media stands out from the crowd?

Less text the better. It’s video and picture content that grabs people’s attention when it comes to social media, not text. Keep your text short and to the point, giving your customer the context they need to enjoy your content.

Social media is great for sharing testimonial content. Your customers want to know why they should choose you. Using your social media channels to showcase your testimonials is a great way to show potential customers that people love your brand.

Make a competition of it! Give people a reason to engage with your channel – using competitions and giveaways to build your online presence is hugely effective and a great way to build customer loyalty.

Get into hashtags. Use the right hashtags for your content to encourage people to come to your channels and start engaging further.

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