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For any marketing and creative agency, the client pitch is a key moment for securing new business and clients. Even if you’re working in an in-house marketing team, they’ll be times when you’ll need to pitch new ideas to colleagues. So what makes a winning marketing pitch?

Start with research. It may seem obvious, but research is key. And not just about your potential new client, but research your competitors too, and what’ they’re doing. Having a clear understanding of the broader sector and the opportunities available to you is key.

Make it personal. You should be prepared to talk in detail about your organisation or your team in a pitch, but clients also want to know YOU – Show who you are and why a client would want to work with you above everyone else.

Tell the story. The pitch is an opportunity to share and promote a vision – and we all respond well to storytelling. Consider carefully the narrative and tell a winning story.

Put the audience first. The key question when putting together a pitch is “how can I help?” Think about what you are uniquely placed to do to help your client.

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