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Job searching can be tough sometimes. Often there’s a lot of competition, and sometimes job seekers are unfortunately left confused and frustrated. So what are the biggest job seeking frustrations, and how can you overcome them?

Experience? Job seekers looking for their first job or those looking to change careers can sometimes feel that they need experience, to get experience! Our solution? Consider volunteer work or temporary work to gain some career experience, and apply again!

The competition. Sometimes companies will have hundreds of applicants for a vacancy and job seekers can sometimes feel that the personal touch is taken out of the recruiting process, as well as feeling they don’t stand a chance. Job seekers should consider what makes them unique and how their skills match the job role – You should tailor your CV to a job description as much as possible. By doing so you’re much more likely to get a response.

No feedback? If there are a number of applicants, job seekers may find that feedback is slow or non-existent. There’s no reason, however, why job seekers can’t ask for feedback! If you don’t hear anything following an interview, there could be a logical explanation – contact the hiring manager and ask.

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