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Social media is a wonderful thing – most of the time! The great thing about social media is that is has given customers another effective and accessible way to reach out to brands they love (and hate) – with interesting consequences! Knowing how to respond to happy and unhappy customers and the subtle differences is important – here’s our guide for social media responses.

Hello Happy Customer! It’s great when customers say positive things online about your company or brand – and it can be an important way to attract new customers too. Make sure you respond to positive comments by saying thank you first and foremost, and show an interest in them – ask about the product or service they have used, and their answer may even inform future content. Sharing and liking positive comments is always popular too.

Oh dear. An Unhappy Customer. It happens from time to time – first things first, it’s important to apologise. Depending on the nature of the complaint you may want to move the discussion to private messages to find a solution. Although it is important to respond you shouldn’t be drawn into long complaints or arguments – respond once to offer a solution and leave it there.

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