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Logo design can be tough. And getting a logo design right is very important; a good logo can make all the difference to your brand identity. So how can you get some inspiration for your next logo design?

Cast your net wide. Don’t just think about previously popular logos and why they worked; think about wider art and design and why it appeals to you and others. What are the elements that make it so appealing? How might that inform the design of your logo?

Think about the past and the future. What sort of journey has your organisation or your client been on to get to where they are now? Where are they going in the future? Looking back to the beginnings of an organisation could provide the inspiration you need to design a truly relevant logo.

Start doodling! Play with doodles and pictures to see what cuts through. Don’t overthink it – just let your creativity flow!

What do you think makes a good logo design?

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