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There was a time where it was standard practise for professionals to carry business cards wherever they go. Real business cards are clearly not so relevant right now whilst we’re working from home (!) but when things return to a new normal, will business cards still be relevant?

Business cards have been around for centuries. But in a post Covid world, and even before the pandemic, business cards were in decline. Some professionals are opting for a digital business card alternative, which can be much more accessible for digital networking.

The great thing about a digital business card is that they can easily be shared with anyone, literally anywhere, and can be easily updated at no cost. And, of course, they are germ free!

But don’t say goodbye to the traditional business card just yet! We shouldn’t assume that everyone prefers all digital – and you should be ready with a few paper business cards should you be asked to ha done over. In some cases, a paper business card can be faster than digital if you’re in a physical networking event, and should technology fail you at the crucial moment, a trust business card in your pocket can solve a whole load of problems!

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