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Over the last few years we’ve all seen the rise of artificial intelligence in every aspect of our lives. Should marketers ben worried that one day soon they’ll be replaced by a computer? Absolutely not! Marketers should embrace AI – here’s why.

AI allows marketers to focus on strategy. With AI increasingly being able to create new content marketers can focus their time on development of their overall strategy, which is incredibly important in an increasingly saturated market.

Get into AI. AI doesn’t need a specific specialist to manage it, it should be a part of your marketing strategy from start to finish. So get involved! Staying open to learning about new technology and platforms is vital for any and every marketer.

People skills remain king. Yes, AI can provide capacity for content creation – but it can’t replace human interaction. People skills are still very much required for an effective workspace. Customers and clients will still want to engage with the person behind the technology.

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