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Isn’t 2023 such a future sounding year? And here we are, living in the future – so what should we expect to be the top cutting edge trends of 2023 when it comes to design and creative? Without a doubt, it’s going to be another big year!

Expect more tools. Technology is becoming so sophisticated that design techniques that could have taken hours before are available to us in a matter of minutes. Plugins and tools are going to make sophisticated design much more accessible for all.

Design will be at the centre of storytelling. Human stories will continue to lead front and centre when it comes to branding and design trends will follow the humanising content of brands. In a post-pandemic world, we’re all looking for human connection.

Designing for a virtual world. Design was once for print alone; for many years designers have had to consider design for print and digital. Now, designers need to think about design for virtual reality. Oh yes, the future is now!

The end of minimalism. Yep, the last few years have been dominated by simplistic, minimalistic design, but expect explosion of design and colour in the coming years.

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