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It’s the age old question – what matters most, qualifications or experience? There are many opportunities for further study in the sort of sectors we recruit for but it’s also very possible for professionals to learn their craft whilst in the job too – So should you focus on study or getting the experience you need in your chosen career?

Qualifications, without a doubt, get you a head start in your chosen career. Not just does a degree or further education demonstrate your skill but you also have an opportunity through study to gain a deeper understanding of your chosen path. Having a thorough knowledge of your chosen field, working with experts, can set you up for a promising career.

However, there are many of us that don’t know exactly what sort of career we’re looking for when we go on to further education, and only through the experience of work do we discover what we enjoy and where our talents lie. In addition, hiring managers may be looking for specific practical experience in a certain field, which students may not have the same sort of exposure to.

A mix of both theoretical study and practical experience is the ideal. What do you think?

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