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UX design, and good UX design, is incredibly important. As we become more technologically advanced, making tech accessible for all is incredibly important. There are many reasons why now is the right time to consider a career in UX design – here’s a few of them.

Balance tech and creativity. The beauty of good UX design is that it brings together both advancing technology and creativity – so if you can’t choose between the two, you don’t have to!

You don’t have to be a software expert. Having an understanding of developers do is helpful but you can start a career in UX design with a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript and continue your learning from there.

It’s future proof. UX design is a skill that will be required for many years to come as we grow ever more reliant on technology – so UX presents a future proof career with great earning potential.

You will be making a difference.  Good UX design makes technology accessible for all, which is incredibly important.

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