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How’s 2022 treating you so far? January has well and truly begun, and it’s a vital time (if you haven’t done so already) to get your job search back on track. But why is January such a good time for job hunting?

It’s a fresh start! Companies have different priorities in December (running up to Christmas) and usually hiring isn’t one of them. After the slump of Christmas, hiring managers usually come back to the office in January ready to kick start their recruitment drive.

Hello Budget 2022! Many hiring managers will be enjoying the benefits of a new budget for the new year, giving them the flexibility to hire – it’s likely you’ll find multiple job openings from organisations waiting for their new hiring budgets to kick in!

The process is quicker. It’s unlikely that many people will be on leave after taking a break at Christmas, meaning decision makers are all in the office together and able to make quick hiring decisions, which is important in today’s competitive market.

So what are you waiting for?

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