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An integrated marketing strategy is vital – and whilst new technology keeping being developed, email has remained a key component for many years now when it comes to reaching audiences. But why? What makes email such an important part of a successful marketing strategy?

Email has great return on investment. The directness of email, the ease of having offers provided straight to your inbox, means email still has some of the best conversion rates. Email is more trusted for making purchases than social media – for now!

It’s cheap! Email marketing can provide a very targeted approach for advertising but at a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods. The simplicity of email means that production costs can be fairly low too.

Email is personal. We have an abundance of email software available to us now and it’s possible to make highly tailored, personalised email journeys for customers with just a few clicks. And personalisation without a doubt results in a higher return on investment.

It builds your brand and connects channels together. An email can be a great way to build your brand but also connect your audience to social media channels, and your website.

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