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Competition for customers is fierce. Much of the focus when it comes to marketing is on acquiring new customers, but how can brands foster strong customer loyalty that stands the test of time? Here’s our top tips.

Give something back. Customers want to shop with responsible organisations – Most products a consumer is looking for can be purchased, but consumers will be drawn more readily to organisations that hare the same values and beliefs as they do over the longer term. Consider your corporate responsibility carefully!

It’s all about trust. Customers want to do business with an organisation that is trustworthy, authentic, and an expert in their field. It’s important that consumers believe in your spokesperson or image, trusting the organisation go above and beyond.

Make it special! Never underestimate the power of a special offer or a discount! Reward loyalty with exclusive offers and you’ll be encouraging people to come back time and time again.

Looking for new customers is important – but don’t forget to build your long term, loyal customer base at the same time too!

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