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Many of us are getting used to working both in the office and remotely these days. For job seekers, video conferencing can be a great way for hiring companies to continue recruitment without in person interviews. If video calls are new to you, take a look at our top tips for making your next video call a success.

Check your internet. A solid internet connection is a must for high quality video conferencing – if your internet strength is limited, try to limit other internet activities such as downloading whilst you’re on a conference call.

Think about your background and get dressed! You’ll be seen by everyone else on the video call if your camera is turned on – choose a quite place to hold your call, try to make sure your background is as plain as possible, and make sure you’re dressed for the occasion.

Get used to the technology. Whichever video calling tech you’re using make sure you get to grips with it, including how to mute your microphone, turn on and off your camera, and how to access features such as chat boxes and “hand raising”.

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