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Where has 2020 gone? OK, less said about that the better…

Before we know if we’ll be looking straight in the face of 2021. One thing’s for sure, social media will still play a dominant role when it comes to marketing. Here’s what to look out for when it comes to social media for 2021.

Here’s looking at you, TikTok. For years sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have dominated social media, but TikTok is soon about to become a solid staple for marketing departments. TikTok has become ever more popular this year, especially during lockdown, so it’s definitely one to consider adding to your channels if you’ve not done so already.

Tell more Stories. Instagram and Snapchat Stories have become hugely popular – short and engaging content, only available for a short amount of time, is performing well as consumers fit social media into their busy lives.

Let’s buy! We expect to see social media platforms continuing to develop their relationships with retailers so that consumers can buy products direct whilst scrolling through social media, with influencers continuing to have a growing role in promoting new products – this will really change the way we shop online.

So much to look forward to!

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