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On most occasions, after hours of preparation, many job seekers will leave an interview with no idea of how they have performed. However, there are subtle signs job seekers can look out for which may suggest things have gone well – watch out for these signs at your next job interview!

Arranging a second stage interview at the end of the first interview – a sure sign the hiring manager thinks you’ve got what it takes to perform in the role successfully.

Running over time? If your interview runs over the allotted 1 hour slot, things are looking good – it’s clear that your interviewer wants to know as much about your experience because they think you might be suitable. If the conversation turns more to personal interests and hobbies, they’re clearly testing your fit for the current team.

Sell Sell Sell! If the hiring manager goes into detail about the successes of the team and the company, rather than your own credentials, chances are they are trying to impress you.

The meet and greet. If you are introduced to members of the current team, this is a good sign. The hiring manager may later on canvass the opinion of the team, but the introduction itself shows that the hiring manager is considering you for the team.

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