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Happy 2021! Aren’t you glad to see the back of 2020? If you’re looking to kick start your design career this year, it’s vital that you’ve got a killer portfolio to showcase your skills and expertise. Here’s our tips for making a portfolio that stands out from the crowd.

Don’t include EVERYTHING. Make sure you pick your best work, relevant to roles you apply to, showcasing how your skills and experiences match the role in question.

Keep it simple. Pick a simplistic layout, making your work the highlight of your portfolio. Make sure you also show the basics when it comes to skills – employers want to know that you understand the basic fundamentals of design too!

Think about the presentation. How will employers see your portfolio? If you are presenting your work in person, the way you present it may be very different compared to someone looking through our work alone. Make sure your portfolio is fully accessible, especially if it’s online.

Provide a summary. Potential employers want to see your work first and foremost – if there’s a lot to show, provide a summary to get employers keen to see the rest of your work!

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