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It’s been a strange couple of years – COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the way we live, and with three lockdowns behind us, things are finally starting to return to a new normal. Event planners have had to make huge changes in their work over the last few months, and whilst things are becoming safer, there are still some considerations to make when it comes to planning events – Here’s our suggestions.

Make sure everything is clean. It’s important to try and keep any surfaces clean where possible so people feel safe – using a simple anti-bacterial spray to clean down surfaces is all you need, but it can go a long way.

Face masks and hand sanitiser? Both have been vital for the last few months, and still have a role to play in a post COVID world. Making hand sanitiser available for all is fairly easy and hugely effective at stopping the spread of germs at events. Face masks may not be mandatory, but providing a space where people can use them is a good idea – Inviting people to wear face masks when they move around communal areas has huge benefits.

Social distancing. A big challenge when it comes to events, but something worth considering – limiting numbers in certain events areas and giving people extra space is best.

Making people feel safe matters. Whilst we’re coming out of the pandemic, it’s important people feel safe and have the confidence to return to large events – are providing some COVID security really helps.

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