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Body language can be very telling. And when it comes to interviewing, your body language can play a big part in how you come across. First impressions definitely count – here’s our top tips for making sure your interview body language hits the spot!

It’s all about confidence. Make sure you walk tall, with your back straight, to demonstrate you are confident and professional. Interviewers want to see how you behave as a professional, especially if the role you are interviewing for is customer facing, so make it count!

The first few moments can make all the difference! Offer a firm handshake, and be sure to make eye contact as you do, and end the handshake after a reasonable length. When offered a seat, sit up straight and still to demonstrate your full attention is on the interview.

Be personable. Eye contact is important for establishing trust, and smile! Yes you may feel nervous, but where possible you should come across as positive and professional.

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