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Instagram was once an enigma to organisations when it came to social media marketing, but it’s now become a firm favourite among brands. But with so much competition out there, what makes a great Instagram channel and post? Here’s our top tips.

Plan first. Don’t just set up an account without thinking it through first! Think about how you want to use the channel to reflect your brand identity and what sort of images might show what your brand is all about. See what your competitors are up to too!

Is your image interesting? Instagram is all about creating great images. When you’re taking pictures for your channel, make sure there’s a clear point of interest in the picture that will appeal to your audience.

Make sure you are consistent. Like any social media channel, consistency is key – make sure you’re posting regularly to your channel and make sure your content is relatable to one another.

Think about your captions. Be clear and concise, and think about hash tags – they’re not sure for Twitter these days! Hashtags are a key way for potential followers to find you, so use them to your advantage!

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