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Do you have a favourite podcast? Podcasts are becoming an ever more popular medium for people to engage with the things they care about – and they are a new channel by which marketers can start to reach potential new customers and clients! But how do you go about launching a new podcast? Here’s how.

Start with why. Of course! Think about why your audience would want to listen to your podcast, and what your audience wants from a podcast. It’s got to be impactful, interesting and useful to your audience.

How long should it be? A good length for a podcast is the average work commute or similar for your target audience – roughly 20 – 40 minutes is a good average. And how often? Depends on how often you are able to create a podcast – you shouldn’t commit to weekly podcasts and miss one here and there. If you can only put together a new podcast once a month, stick with that.

Get your equipment. Investing in a good quality microphone won’t break the bank but will make a huge difference to your sound quality. You can also find lots of free audio editors online – see here

Share far and wide! Find the best place to host your podcast and share via all of your digital channels – if the content is relevant to your audience, chances are you’ll see your listener numbers start to soar!

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