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Job seeking is tough. Not only do those seeking work have to navigate the applications and interview process, but discussing the salary on offer and the salary job seekers want to secure can be a difficult conversation to initiate. So, jobseekers, how can you establish how much you are worth and seal the deal?

Get researching. You’ll find lots of information online about the average salary for the type of role you are seeking, plus, if you’re working with an agency such as FS1, your recruiter should be able to give you advice on the salary on offer and what to expect.

The pros and cons. Consider your unique skills and experiences and what you could bring to an employer, but also think about any skills you may be missing from the job description in front of you, and how that could affect your salary offer. If you are looking to develop your skills in a specific area, it’s possible you may have to be more flexible in terms of your salary.

Be brave and bold! Once you are decided on the salary you are seeking, be clear on your expectations from the start.

Consider an offer carefully. Once a job offer has been made, take some time to consider the offer, to ensure you can accept the role with full confidence. Considering a job offer overnight is perfectly acceptable, but don’t keep potential employers waiting too long, as they may question your interest in the role.

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