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Hand’s free and voice user interfaces are becoming ever more popular. This could be the start of a whole new way we communicate and record data – but it’s got to come with an interface that works well. So how can you design a voice user interface that meets the needs of your consumers?

It’s all about personalisation. Probably not a surprise, but making your interface intelligent enough to remember and record information makes the lives of your consumers so much easier.

We don’t often speak how we type! It’s an easy thing to overlook, but often when we’re typing into a search engine we’ll abbreviate, but less so when we speak. Consider how your consumers will interact with your interface when designing.

Make it natural. Talking to an interface should be as natural as possible. People don’t want to have to memorise lots of different commands, they want to be able to communicate what they need as they would when speaking with another person. Make it natural and simple.

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